Android Optimizer: Greatly Improve Phone Performance with Best Booster & Cleaner

An Android phone will eventually become slower when overloaded with apps, photos, videos, files and other detritus, which can lead to frustrating delays in opening apps, changing settings, poor battery life and anything else. With a sluggish device and poor battery life, it gets harder to find what you need among all the clutter. The percentage of people who rely on their Android is getting higher and higher for connecting with others and social networks, entertainments and business peers.

Considering how much depend on your device, the amount of time lost can be very infuriating with a slow device. After all, everything should be automated, quick and simple just like the loved handset you first got at the very beginning. It is so important to take care of your device without wasting money to buy new ones. Fortunately, the Speed Booster & Pure Cleaner helps you declutter and remove the junk files and unused apps, clean up the cache files and save battery life.

What is the Speed Booster & Pure Cleaner

Speed Booster is a new powerful Android optimizer that help users speed up Android and save battery by automatically cleaning up all the cache files and junk notifications and terminating unwanted apps.

This booster one-tab boosts your Android device to make it faster by 60% and save battery power by 30%. With a small installation size, it aims at improving the performance of Android.

How Does It Improve or Optimize the Android

Memory Boost

Any android device will get slower and slower after overloading with many apps, videos, photos, and caches files. It seems to take forever to open an app on the device. What's more, your device usually runs out of memory. Cleaning up the cache files becomes daily ritual.

Actually, the Speed Booster boosts your device's memory by intelligently and accurately analyzing all the apps in your device. With this booster, you can easily uninstall unwanted apps and prevent the auto-start apps from starting at the moment you reboot your device.

Save Battery

Each user has different ways and preference when it comes to the usage of our mobile devices. But the main concern that affects us the most would primarily be the battery levels. You downloaded many wonderful apps for watching YouTube, browsing the Facebook news, playing games or even chatting with friends. Your device's battery would quickly run out without noticing. When the device suddenly shut off and you have not bring a power bank in the open air, it could be inconvenient and unsafe.

The Speed Booster and Pure Cleaner is developed to save the battery life as well as improve the performance of Android. It terminates all apps running in the background that can consume the battery power.  After boosting with the Speed Booster, you will feel that battery life has expanded tremendously, having the luxury of a longer standby time for you to remain contactable.

Cool CPU

Smartphones are getting more advanced day by day. With an increase in power and a decrease in size, this advancement has also led to the overheating issue. The more processing power a device has, the more heat it is generated, and small size device makes it hard to release the heat properly. This is especially common in Android devices. The high heat can easily take away the battery power and decrease the performance of the Android.

The Pure Cleaner can monitor and clean apps that highly consume CPU capacity and cause overheating. It can quickly cool down Android by memory boost.

Advantages of Speed Booster & Pure Cleaner

Easy to Use

Without complicated terms and different screens to activate a wide variety of functions, this booster is easy to use for every user. Due to the integration of a user friendly and intuitive interface, it is simple for using. Just one tap boost button to boost your Android.

Boost Games

After memory and battery boost, the booster will make device faster by 60% and save battery by 30%. Then, the game experience will be much better than before.

Root Free

Speed Booster & Pure Cleaner can speed up your Android without root access. This booster is available to any rooted or unrooted device which has a better boost effect than the those who require root access.

Improve and Optimize Phones with Booster and Cleaner

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