Best Battery Saver | Pure Cleaner for Android Devices to Extend Battery Power

Each user has his/her own ways and preference when it comes to use the Android devices. However, Battery life is the most common complaints about Android. Almost every phone user complains about battery life. Today, the mobile phone serves numerous functions as you rely on it for making phone calls, sending emails or browsing and scrolling Facebook news feed, watching Youtube videos, playing games, connecting with your social networks or sharing files with others, we have managed to integrated mobile devices into our everyday life. It's no doubt that the battery will run out of juice sooner than you expect.

Fortunately, there is a way to save and maximize the battery life of your Android device, and at the same time no need to compromise the daily usage of the gadgets. Even you have played games on you mobile phone for a prolong period; even you have watched videos and movies; even you have browsed the web for a long time; you will find that the battery life is still being saved and the consumption is not as much as before. You will no longer need to carry the heavily power bank around and there is no need to root your device with losing the warranty. You don't need to look for everywhere to find a charging kiosk or go home to recharge your device before heading to the next appointment. With longer battery life, you should expect a longer standby time for your Android mobile.

You know Android is the most customizable platform than most OS by default. With this advantages, it allows users to customize and control over their Android devices.Pure Cleaner is one of these apps that have the features to significantly save and extend their battery life as well as boost the speed of Android. First, by cleaning the junk, residual and temp files, this app helps free up RAM to boost speed and improve performance. Second, it can cool down the phone's temperature and reduces CPU usage. Third, the Pure Cleaner is able to control the apps and prevent them from auto-starting and kill off uncommon apps running in the background. After cleaning your Android with Pure Cleaner, the battery saver, you will feel that battery life has expanded tremendously.

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