Easily Clean Up Junk Notifications and Completely Clear Cache with Pure Cleaner

Why Notifications and Cache Annoy Users?

After Long hours of work in office or study in the library, you may find that your phone is filled with notifications of multiple chat conversations from friends, colleagues, boss, or even relatives, emails from peers and colleagues, update or promote information from some apps. Scrolling through the notification bar on your phone, it seems to take forever to select the notifications you would like to reply. What's worse, your phone frequently warns you that your device has little internal storage space for using an application. Manually cleaning up junk notifications and clearing cache becomes the daily ritual. You may feel frustrated with so much time being lost. If the time can be used to have dinner with the loved ones and families after long day work, it should be the happiest thing in the world. And dealing with spams and cleaning all the junks would be one of the last thing you want to do.

However, the cache and junk notification can not only run out of the memory, but slow down your phone. In that your phone is becoming laggy and power-draining with much cache and notifications being filled with. Although notification is one of the main strengths of the Android platform, some app developers seem to abuse it in order to spam you with promotional messages, enticements or pointless updates. You may find that your Android device has a less efficient performance than the one you first got.

How to Easily Clean Notification and Cache?

Would you want to have a better control over what you want to be informed and what you don't want to be informed in the notification bar of your own phone? If you like to give the priority of incoming notifications from your loved ones and boss? Are you boring with cleaning the cache every day? If yes, you may be eager to look for a method to perfectly solve these problems. However, with the help of Pure Cleaner, you are allowed to terminate all these unnecessary problems and set your mind at ease.

Users will be able to get rid of unwanted apps running in the background with Pure Cleaner. It allows users to clear notifications and cache in bulk. Some apps you may love most and don't want to miss every message of it such as some game apps. You can just add them to the ignore list which they can not be affected while cleaning the cache and boosting your phone.

Why You Choose Pure Cleaner to Clean Up Your Phone?

Pure Cleaner is the best cleaner for improving the performance of your Android. Just a single one tab, it will force close all apps that are running concurrently in the background to save battery life, at the same time increase the speed and performance of your android phone. It automatically and intelligently free up memory by cleaning cache, trash and junk.

With a better performance and fast Android, you can enjoy a better gaming performance without considering the high temperature of your phone because this cleaner helps cool down the CPU by monitoring and closing apps that sharply consume the CPU.

Clean Up Cache and Remove Unwanted APP with Pure Cleaner

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