How to Completely Clean Cache and Significantly Boost Phones

In this digital world, the percentage of people who rely on their phones and tablets just keeps getting higher and higher. A mobile device is an essential part of people, as these portable devices are becoming a primary way to connect to the internet in order to keep contact with others and social networks.

Although Android offers a diverse range of features and a level of personalization that lets you truly make an Android phone your own, the performance of your Android will start to diminish after using for a period. You may find that your Android device becomes slower and slower after you use it for some time. When you open an app or tab the back button, it seems to take hours to happen. On the other hand, you will frequently receive the message of lack of memory from the device. Apart from these, you may charge your Android all the time due to the poor battery life.

How to Optimize/Boost your Android Phones?

1. Remove unused or power-hungry apps

Each APP you have installed in your Android will take your internal storage space, some would even start running in the background at the moment you reboot your Android device. The more internal storage space has been occupied or the more background apps are running in your device, the poorer performance your Android will have.

The first thing you should do is to remove or uninstall the unused or unwanted apps. These apps can not only slow down your device, but also drain your battery life. Head to app drawer, tap and hold an app, and drag it to "Uninstall" after it disappears over your home screen. Without root access, you may can't uninstall or remove a system app. To "Disable" a system spp is the next-best thing.

2. Clean Up the Cache Files and Junk Notifications

Filled with many cache files, your Android device will begin to function inefficiently. You may have no spare storage space for a new apps or photos. Therefore, users often go to "Settings" and tap "Storage", then clear the cached data or clear the data of every option. However, you may do this task weekly or even daily. And you may feel boring.

Junk notifications of APPs is another cause of lagging your Android. The app developers seem to abuse the strength of notifications with promotional notifications. Every time you receive the notification, you may check it and turn on the screen. In that, the battery can quickly run out as well as slow down the speed of Android.

3. Update Softwares to Save Memory and Battery

Making sure that your device is running the most recent version. You may think it is not essential, but this is especially important. For most new devices have a number of bugs that handicap a smartphone’s performance and can only be addressed through software updates. Head to "Settings", Select "About Device" or "Software Updates". Tab "Check For Updates" or something similar. Do as the device will teach you how to do for updating the softwares.

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The Speed Booster & Android Cleaner is developed to help users clean up all the cache files and junk notifications by intelligently and accurately analyzing all the apps. By saving internal storage space and battery life, the app significantly improve the performance of Android as well as optimize it.

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