How to Improve Performace / Boost Speed of HTC with Pure Cleaner without Rooting

How to Improve Performace / Boost Speed of HTC with Pure Cleaner without Rooting


It’s frustrating to drop several hundred dollars on a high-end smartphone only to find that the smooth and speedy performance you expected remains elusive. Mid-rangers and the budget end of the market are even more prone to stuttering and lag. There are various ways to speed up that Android performance, and a few things you can do to make it feel faster.

Clean Cache with Pure Cleaner

Your apps are constantly caching small pieces of data, which typically will speed up the performance of your phone. But if your device is running low on storage, cached data will start hurting more than it helps. Just head to “Settings” in the APP drawer. Tap “Storage”, then “Cached data” , select “OK” to clean the cache.

Once your device has noticed you that your device is lack of sotrage, to clean the cache may becomes the daily ritual. Cached data will build up in your applications over time. This affects the performance of your device. Pure Cleaner is an app automaticly help you completely clean all the cache and junk files to boost speed of your HTC phones.

Uninstall or Disable Apps to Free Up Space

A common cause of a slow Android smartphone or tablet is that you've filled it up with app, many of which you probably downloaded on a whim and don't actually use. Your Android device will slow down if it's become bloated with applications. Our advice to start with is to go through all your installed apps and pick out ones which you don't use to free up some space. Remember to uninstall them fully rather than just remove the icon from your homescreen. Remember to disable the system apps to keep them from running on the backgroud which can greatly drain the battery life.

Save Battery with Pure Cleaner

Battery life is the main concern that affects us when it comes to the usage of our mobile devices. These days, we have subconsciously managed to integrate mobile devices into our everyday life. Browsing and scrolling through our Facebook news feed while waiting for a friend, watching YouTube videos when we are travelling to and fro, playing mobile games, or even chatting with our friends. These activities are all can drain the battery life.

As we all know that Android users have a slight edge over other mobile devices as they allow users to access and customize, giving them a fuller control over their android phones. With that added advantage, comes Pure Cleaner. Its 3 primary features empower users to save their battery life significantly, boost the speed performance of the android phone. After Cleaning your android device with the Purify battery saver app, you will feel that battery life has expanded tremendously.

Remove widgets

Widgets are a great feature of Android but they take more processing power to run compared to simply displaying an icon. If you're using a lot across multiple homescreens, consider which ones you don't use much or could do without. Having fewer will lighten the load on your Android device and help speed it up.