How to Improve Performace / Boost Speed of Huawei with Pure Cleaner without Rooting

The Android OS is one of the most popular mobile operating systems nowadays. Android can do anything you want it to do, from taking smart pictures to calculating the temperature outside, booking tickets of the train, bus, movie or whatever. Everything seems on the fingers. But the things are not that much smooth with the Android performance. But why do Android phones slow down and sluggish to operate sometimes. There are some common Android errors need to fix and solve to speed up system performance. There some tips to guide you how to improve your performance without rooting.

Disable Animations

Animations make all of the transitions and interactions with your operating system appear more fluid — right up until your phone starts slowing down and those animations start looking like stop motion video. If the animations aren’t flowing so well anymore, turning them off completely will both look better and free up a little processing power. Disable the Animations:

  1. Head to “Settings” in the App Drawer of Huawei Device.
  2. Tap “About Phone” > “Build Number”, tap 7 times to become developer. You will see a message that you have enabled Developer options.
  3. Return to Settings and Tap Developer options.
  4. Tap Windows animation scale and select “Animation off”.
  5. Repeat Step 5 with Transition animation scale and Animator duration scale.

System Update

If you are not pretty tech-savvy and have a particularly old Android device, chances are there must be a software update or two available for it. While most of the software updates generally fix some bugs and improve battery life, a Marshmallow or Nougat update can do wonders for your device.

  1. Head to “Settings” in the App Drawer of Huawei Device.
  2. Tap "System update" > "CHECK FOR UPDATES"
  3. Update your Huawei device.

Clean Cache with Pure Cleaner

All those photos you've taken and all of those apps you’ve installed can take their toll on your phone. It needs a little breathing room to run smoothly and if it's running low on space, it can start to slow down. More files ripe for deletion can be found in the Miscellaneous files section. Tick the boxes next to any types of file you'd like to remove – backups, files received via Bluetooth, playlist files, and so on – and then tap the bin button. You can keep an eye on how much space you have freed up when you look at the Available space section.

However, you can often speed up your Android device by stopping an app or clearing the memory entirely. Although there are tools built into Android for app management, there are some apps which you can download from the Play store such as Pure Cleaner.

Uninstall or Disable Apps to Free Up Space

It's also worth mentioning that even if an app doesn't misbehave (heck, even if you don't run it at all), it can cause slowdowns on your device. The more free space you have in your phone's internal memory, the faster your phone can write to the disk. If you aren't sure how much free space your phone has, you can check it by going to Settings > SD Card & Phone Storage to see. You can also see which ones are taking up the most space by going to Settings > Applications > Manage Applications, hitting Menu, and sorting them by size. If you find you aren't even using an app that's hogging space, you might as well uninstall it—no point in keeping it around just so it can slow down your phone.

Some system apps you can't uninstall unless you root your Huawei device. However, you can disable them then these apps will never drain your battery life and running in the background which can slow down your device.