How to Improve Performace / Boost Speed of Motorola with Pure Cleaner

Your Motorola phone started off running smoothly and responding instantly to every tap, but over time, even the fastest phone will start to show its age. And with a device you use as much as your smartphone, every missed swipe or extra moment waiting for an app to load can feel like an eternity. There are various ways to speed up that Android performance, and a few things you can do to make it feel faster.

Remove/Disable Bloatware and Unused Apps

Right out of the box, your Android phone probably had a number of apps pre-installed by your carrier or the phone manufacturer that have gone completely unused. It’s even more likely that over months or years, you’ve added some unused apps of your own that are still taking up precious space on your phone. If things are slowing down on your device, a lack of available storage might just be the culprit.

The pre-installed apps running on your background will slow down your Motorola phone and decrease the performance of it. Apps keep running in the background take up precious RAM, which greatly slows down your device. While the 1st point above will definitely help you in reducing RAM usage, you can reduce it further by disabling some of the system apps that unnecessarily run in the background.

Get Rid of Media

The next thing to cull on your Moto is media. In the same way that apps can easily take up a lot of space, music, photos and videos do the same – even more so if you're shooting 4K video regularly or keeping your entire music library stored on your device. To speed up your Android device, trawl through all the media you have and get rid of anything you can to create more space. Perhaps videos you've transferred to your PC or photos you've taken multiple times.

Cool Down CPU with Pure Cleaner

This Pure Cleaner can clean apps that highly consume CPU capacity and cause overheating. It allows you to cool down the temperature of your phone when the device has a high temperature by cleaning unnecessary apps which is heavily consuming CPU running in the background.

Remove Widgets

Widgets are an amazing feature of the Android operating system that allow you to see and interact with apps on your homescreen without needing to actually launch the app. While they will save you time when your phone is quick and new, eventually they can drag the speed of your entire device down. It’s time to cut back or remove them entirely.