How to Easily and Quickly Make Android Faster And Improve Performance Without Rooting

Android is most advanced Mobile Operating System with tons of features built in. Though it has user-friendly experience but it becomes a bit slow and laggy due to all the apps downloaded or pre-installed in your phones. Users feel so frustrating when the beloved Android become slow and inefficient.

Filled with amount of cache and data, your phone ends up with lag and battery drainage. Rooting is not the only way to make phone faster and improve performance. Without root, a user can also speed up his or her phone.

Why your Android Gets Slow and Function Inefficient?

Users who own an Android device will glad to download many favorite apps. However, apps including pre-installed apps and your downloaded apps will create amount of cache, temoprary files, trash, and junk files which are accumulated in your phone's memory may cause types of issues. These dozens of apps you have downloaded can bombarded your home screen with lots of stuff and ruin your smartphone performance. The inefficient functions include poor battery, lack of storage space, lagging phone and so on.

It is essential to make sure that your smartphone performance satifies your needs before you purchase it. There are some methods to speed up your phone without rooting.

How to Clean Up Cache and Make Phone Faster

Uninstall Bloatwares

Apps including the ones you have downloaded and ones pre-installed by manufacturers and carriers are seldom used by users are called bloatwares. Uninstall the all the apps which you will no longer use. Because each app will create amount cache once launch them. Some apps even runs in the background when you reboot your phone which can not only slow down the phone speed but also drain the battery life. Remove all these apps you may not use for a long time. It can greatly free up the internal storage space. Disable the pre-installed apps because they can't be uninstalled for the interest of manufacturers and carriers unless you rooting your device.

Clean Cache, Temporary Files and Junk Notifications

Wiping out the cache, temporary files and junk notifications can significantly free up the storage space as well as speed up your Android devices. These junk files are created by apps. Of curese, you can clean all these caches with your built-in apps. However, you may need to do this work every week or even every day.

Pure Cleaner is the best phone cleaner and booster to help you clean all the cache and temporary files with one tab. It accurately analyzes storage consumption and intelligently cool down CPU to boost memory, WIFI and game. What's more, it one-tab wipe useless notifications and clean apps that highly consume CPU capacity to speed up freezing and laggy phone. Users time is precious, it no need to waste time on cleaning junks of the phone. Pure Cleaner aims at serving users and improving performance of phones.

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Use An Best Antivirus App

Security is the top concern that users focus on. The Android itself has enough power to fight against the malware and virus. The numerous of malware on Android aims at stealing your private information which you need to pay serious attention on it. However, the malware apps can collect personal data according to your device or account and may require more permissions to access functionality of your device. So the stronger security your Android phone has, the better performance it will have.

The Pure Cleaner is also one of the best antivirus app to help you clean the virus and malware. Pure Cleaner is also a better choice for you to avoid the virus and malware. Because Pure Cleaner helps you completely clean all junk including the malware junk cache and intelligently closes unnecessary apps running in the background.

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