Memory Boost | How to Free Up Storage/Memory/RAM with Pure Cleaner

A smartphone is more important than a computer for many users. We use these devices for our daily works along with our entertainment. In this digital age, people of all ages, organizations, companies are rapidly communicating via mobile phone, creating important digital documents now & then such as text files, photos, audio & video contents, etc. The memory/RAM is specially important for an Android device.

The more functions your Android has, the more you do with it. It is easy to run out of storage space in Android after you take high-resolution photos and videos, play intensive games or download apps for everything from Google Play.

Pure Cleaner is a new powerful Android app that help to free up the memory And speed up your android instantly by automatically clean up cache junk and unused apps.

How to Free Up Your Android's Internal Storage

Backup Precious Files via MicroSD card, PC or Google Drive

Photos and video are one of the biggest space hogs on any Android phones. And a new Android device usually packs with sound camera with increasingly high megapixel counts. If your Android comes with a microSD card, then transform these files to the SD card. Or transform your photos and videos to the computer via an USB. In a similar fashion to moving your photos and video to Google Photos, you can use Google Drive. After that, you will greatly free up your storage.

Remove Unused/Unwanted APPs

Some apps and games consume a surprising amount of storage without noticing. Some of them even automatically start running at the moment you reboot your Android. If you don't use them then these apps will not gobble up any space of your Android, and you can just download them when you need them again from the Google Play.

Clean Up Cache files

Cached files are little bits of data stored by apps every time you use them. If you have several cache files, these also end up occupying a massive amount of storage space. Over time, you can collect an alarming amount of cached data. You may head to "Settings" and select "Storage", then scroll down to and tap "Cached data", last select "OK" to clean up all cached data for all apps. However this task may become a daily ritual.

How to Easily Boost/Free Up Memory

The Pure Cleaner is also a memory booster, which helps you easily remove the unused or unwanted apps and clean up unnecessary apps running in the background. It automatically terminate these apps by intelligently and accurately analyzing all the apps with just one single tab. It is easy to use and set your mind at ease.

The best Pure Cleaner can detect all apps and terminate the highest memory consumption apps without root permission. This cleaner has intelligently and accurately analyzed thousands of apps and how junk file created. Therefore it can clean junk file and other residual file to reclaim storage space.

Boost Memory and Clean up Cache with Pure Cleaner

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