Pure Cleaner | How to Speed up Your/Boost Performance of Huawei Without Rooting

Huawei phones is known for budget smartphones which are packed with high specifications. And it gives a good competition for other brands regarding the quality and price. Many Huawei lovers may own a new phone and some may still keep the old one. For the users who own a Huawei phone old than one or two years, have you ever run into this situation, when you were trying to open an App or video, and probable this simple task forever to happen with your Huawei device. Considering how much you depend on your device, the amount of time lost can be very infuriating. After all, an Android phone like Huawei is developed to serve people and to make people's life more better. It should be automated, quick and simple - unless there is a deeper issue with your phone.

Fortunately, there are some methods to speed up your Huawei phone and you needn't to change a new handset although the price is reasonable. It is no need to waste money to purchase a new Android for the slow speed issues. Of course, rooting can speed up your Huawei phone, but it immediately void your warranty of your new handset and sometimes may have brick your phone. Speed up Android and boost performance of phone is more better for almost all the newbies who have no knowledge about rooting.

How to Speed Up/Boost Performance of HUAWEI

Here we come to discuss few tips and tricks using which the users can easily improve or speed up their Huawei devices.

  • Transform Media Files
  • Huawei Software Update
  • Uninstall Useless Apps
  • Boost with Pure Cleaner

Transform Media Files

With a loved Huawei phone, users tend to take high resolution phones because the sound camera of Huawei handsets. A lot of users also want to watch and download many films or videos or other files from the apps they downloaded from Googly Play or other App stores. However, these files can not only occupy the memory but also burden the CPU. To speed up your phone, the first step is to transform the media files to the PC or MicroSD card.

Huawei Software Update

Huawei Manufacturer will release the latest OTA's to their devices which contain the fixs to the bugs and also improvements for enhancing the device performance. Make sure to Upgrade your device to the lastest available software version. Head to "Settings" > "System update" > "Check for Updates". After upgrading, you can have a better experience with the performance of your phone.

Uninstall Useless Apps

You probably have too many apps on your smartphone. Most of us download applications without even thinking about it. After using for a while, we realize they are no good but forget unstalling them and leave them roaming around the app drawer. Unused apps are definitely resource hogs and some may be running in the background at times which cause performance issues. Uninstall them all to improve the performance and make your Huawei phone run faster. Every Huawei phone comes with a few pre-installed apps which can eat away stroage space and drain the battery. It is always advisable to disable them since you can't uninstall them from your phone.

Boost with Pure Cleaner

Pure Cleaner is a reliable cleaner and booster, it helps users clean junk cache and cool down CPU to boost performance.

Whenever you open a particular app, some cache gets stored in the background, and it creases its size gradually if you do not clear in time. Cache can build up and become pretty heavy on your smartphone’s internal storage. Clearing it from time to time is boring and time-wasting. However Pure Cleaner one-tap clean all the junk files and cache as well as cool down the CPU by closing unused app which caused overheating and overload of CPU. Download this APP from Google Play:

Pure Cleaner From Google Play